Domain Valuation Metric

There are many metrics for domain valuation, this is just one. I will use a real example, First decide how the domain could be best used. In this case, it could be a newspaper, a magazine, a book, and of course, an online resource. In summery, some kind of publication about gold. Next, look at the size of the market or niche. How popular is the subject now and in the future? Gold is timeless going back 1000’s of years, it is well-known world-wide – it passes the popularity test.

Now for the important part: how many domains trump it? Being able to calculate this is a skill expert domainers can do practically instantly. Here are some end-user alternatives to consider:,,,,,…How many trump goldchronicle? It’s a matter of opinion, but if you keep coming up with alternatives, it quickly becomes obvious that there are not many possibilities for a good name in this niche.

Rationalize why goldchronicle might actually be better than most of that list. While is a great domain it’s still generic: there’s no brand in there. Same goes for, it’s a great domain, an exact match for a lot of searches, but it’s generic! just doesn’t sound creative at all! I expect boring writing when I think of it. Chronicle, tribune, and today all have the same general meaning in context, but there are small differences between each word. The words tribune and today don’t have the power of matching gold like chronicle does. Merriam-Webster defines: “Chronicle: a historical account of events arranged in order of time usually without analysis or interpretation.” is exactly the type of domain you want to dream up – an exacting connection between 2 words. It boarders both generic and brandable. The words might have some underlying similarity, or connection. Chronicle is an ancient and regal word, as is gold. If given a list of places to read about gold, i’ll bet most would choose Gold Chronicle.

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