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eCommerce of any kind:

Many business are built exclusively on the net. Broad eCommerce is an obvious target for domain acquisition. Always look for 2-word .com, com=commerce: it makes sense! You don’t have to spend a ton for super generics! The best bang for your buck will be domains like ‘’ or ‘’. These are brandable, but with a mostly generic tone. They’re simple; someone else is likely to think of it, and want it too.

I rather like NewGTLD too, but only premium words. ‘’ or ‘’ would be great, as they are super generic, attractive in their own rite. Unfortunately the best phrases are usually reserved, or priced as premium. Most of these domains are non-starter for us domainers. If you work hard, and fast, however, you can find good combinations. I only recommended going for a single word left of the dot. The market here is still soft, and a gamble too. I do believe that with these higher risk, comes greater potential reward!


Creative, unique, brandable. I have one domain, ‘’, and I consider it brandable. It really means nothing on the surface. However, turn it around, and it reads the same! That’s unique and surprising too!

There are made up pronounceable words, and it’s a popular niche at the moment. Think Google, eBay, and Etsy. These are short and pronounceable. These words just roll off the tongue. Stick to 5-6 letters and buy them for around $20. There isn’t much of a formula here, thus made-up words maybe some of your riskiest investments. The key here is patience – don’t go buy 10 of them on your first day…be picky (as always)!


If anything were more risky than made-up brandable words, it would be this, IDN.IDN. There is practically no driving force behind it. It is not being adapted in any meaningful way yet. For these reasons, this market is virtually untouched. If you take time to study another language, and I strongly suggest you stick to only Chinese, you can find some real simple generics!

The whole word was limited to .com, .net, .org, .etc, for a long time. New options are recently presented – we can now register names with extensions fitting alternative scripted languages. As suggest above, I’m sticking to China. There is no translation for .COM to Chinese. They know it out of familiarity only. It has no real meaning to them! is a great name because yuan is their currency, as Dollar is to other countries. I did a scan of most used words in .com registrations, and ‘yuan’ was in the top 100! That goes to show, Chinese do have huge appetite for domains, and ‘yuan’ is a good word to target.

Problem is, ‘yuan’ is a Chinese words written in Latin letters representing spoken sound (pin-yin). 元.com is good too, it means the same as, and it would be valuable. There is a critical problem though. It is mixed up with Chinese and English characters – it is less visually attractive. On a Chinese keyboards one would need to switch layouts for type-in. But now we have new extensions, like 机构 (agency). 元.机构 is a simple and meaningful phrase that Chinese may someday come to appreciate.


I am as passionate about gold as I am domains. I believe paper (or digital) money will be backed gold again, sooner than later! Again, try getting good 2 word gold domains. Less than a year ago I registered ‘’. I view it as a great news domain, on par with, just with a regal touch, fitting for gold. Since that I have picked up domains like ‘’ and ‘’, both hand registered. I tend to get a nearly to generic as possible when dealing with gold, even if that means moving to .org. I put phrases that fits .org though, like ‘’. Everyone expects free charts…Billions of people could be searching for ‘gold chart’ someday! Similar gems…’ah-hem, nuggets, are just waiting to be picked up for under $10.


Many people genuinely hate new NGTLD. Not me, not at all. However, I will agree, many people are wasting money on them. You need extremely good names to overcome the risk of them failing completely. Therea re many available now, and many more to be released over the next few years. They key? A single word that matches the extension. The bigger the niche, the better. let’s take a look at ‘.club’. .Club is available to register today. It is one of the most popular for good reason. There are a million words that fit .club:,,,,, and many more. All of the above are good investments at today’s average prices. Just stay away from domains like, as not many people are interested in it. Basically, know where to draw the line before you cross it. Once in awhile you can buy great domains during the pre-release auctions, or even hand reg at very low prices if you’re there the second they extension is released.


As you can plainly see, I always examine the future. I go for the biggest bang for the buck. The best possible niches in areas that aren’t popular yet. Driverless, or SelfDriving, for example. Remember, there is no sense in buying a bottom of the barrel domain. You know the one, that is ‘maybe alright’. You want quality! You want every one to recognize your domains as top contenders when the time comes. Don’t allow 100 other comparable options defeat your domains. It takes some real thought and practice, but it’s simple as long as you train your mind to look past the garbage.

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